Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alt-Energy vs. Alt-A vs. Alt-Investments

This post is about only one of the above but I'm feeling Alt, Alt, Alt* after reading Cramer "You're losing money..." repetez.

From Mental Floss: Why You Shouldn’t Invest in Forever Stamps

When the USPS introduced Forever Stamps — First Class stamps that are valid forever, regardless of future rate increases — my friends immediately had a clever idea: invest in them. Sitting around at a cocktail party, we talked it over — judging from recent postal rate increases, it sure seemed like buying Forever Stamps and reselling them in the future (when surely the postal rates will involve selling your organs) would be a great investment opportunity. While we didn’t bother to actually research it, I think we were all secretly thinking about leaving the party to go stock up on Forever Stamps....MORE

*LEO is a pretty good online German/English dictionary. If you know of a better one send me an email, I collect these things.

And now I can't get Buster Poindexter out of my head:

Hot, Hot, Hot
Me mind on fire -- Me soul on fire -- Feeling hot hot hot
Party people -- All around me feeling hot hot hot