Friday, August 24, 2007

Living Large While Being Green

The WSJ's Energy Roundup directs us to the Wealth Report's post of the above title. I like the Wealth Report. Mr. Frank doesn't limit himself to just hanging out in Palm Beach (although you will see that dateline more often than, say, City of Industry). Another draw, he doesn't fill my reader with 150 posts a day (treehugger, split your feeds by subject, sheesh).

It's not easy being green -- especially if you're rich.

With their growing fleets of yachts, jets and cars, and their sprawling estates, today's outsized wealthy have also become outsized polluters. There are now 10,000 private jets swarming American skies, all burning more than 15 times as much fuel per passenger as commercial planes. The summer seas are increasingly crowded with megayachts swallowing up to 80 gallons of fuel an hour...

..."Obviously these people have different lifestyles from yours or mine," Mr. Carlson says. "At the same time, they're not obligated to do anything....MORE