Thursday, November 14, 2019

"Norway Releases Frigate Helge Ingstad Collision Report"

Two from gCaptain:
Officials in Norway have released a report containing the results of the first phase of the Accident Investigation Board Norway’s investigation into the collision involving the Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad and the oil tanker Sola TS outside the Sture terminal in November 2018.

The first phase of the investigation sought to establish the sequence of events leading up to the collision. Investigators determined that the incident was the result of multiple operational, technical, organizational and systemic factors.

The Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) has made a total of 15 safety recommendations as a result of the investigation.

The HNoMS Helge Ingstad and the Sola TS collided in the Hjeltefjord fjord in the early hours of 8 November 2018 as the Solas TS was departing the Sture Terminal and the frigate was southbound with its AIS in “passive mode”.

The collision resulted in extensive damage to the starboard side of the HNoMS Helge Ingstad, causing the frigate to partially sink along the shoreline. The Solas TS suffered only minor damages.
Seven of the frigates crew members sustained minor injuries incident. No injuries were sustained by the crew of the Solas TS.
A summary of the incident provided the AIBN reads, in part:...MORE
And the accident reconstruction video:
"Investigation Video Details Helge Ingstad Collision – Must Watch"

Helge Ingstad Collision Animation
An illustration shows the moment of impact when HNoMS Helge Ingstad and Sola TS 
collided outside the Sture Terminal in the Hjeltefjord. Illustration: AIBN

February 2019 
Plans Change for the Salvage of Norway's Sunken Frigate, the Helge Ingstad
Nov. 8, 2018
Norway's Equinor Announced They Restarted Operations at the Kollsnes Gas Facility, Britain Will Get Its Methane (and the ship that wouldn't sink)
Nov. 14, 2018
Norway Getting Ready to Lift Sinking Frigate 
Fortunately, what with the offshore oil platforms and everything, Norway has some experience lifting and moving heavy stuff....
Note the date. That report proved to be a bit optimistic.

The captain of the missile frigate did an awesome job saving the ship by running it aground after being struck.
The initial reports referred to a 'collision' but if you look at the damage it's pretty clear who ran into whom: via The Barents Observer

The first thing I thought of when hearing what the captain had to do was the action of the #3 on the USS Nevada during the Pearl Harbor attack (his captain and executive officer were ashore at the time). Here's the after-action report.

The Nevada was the only one of the battleships to get underway but was torpedoed and bombed to the point it was about to sink and block the harbor channel. The ship's damage control officer was the highest ranking officer aboard and it was he who had gotten the Nevada away from the USS Arizona which was burning from stem to stern.
He then made the decision to run the ship aground to keep it from sinking and trapping the rest of the fleet in the harbor, possibly for months.

The Nevada was so beat up it should have sunk. Any normal boat would have sunk. It should not have been able to get to the shallows.

It was refloated and repaired:....MORE