Thursday, October 17, 2019

Woman who Bought a £1.50 Bus Fare with her iPhone Has Uneventful Ride, Writes Excellent Piece on Blockheads

A visit to FT Alphaville results in a breaking and forsaking of the "one link per source per day" rule.
First up, Jemima Kelly, she of the uneventful ride, on an inherent contradiction of the type often found when Rube Goldberg meets...well...anything.
From FTAV:

YouGov’s “blockchain-based” sell-your-own data platform makes no sense
...From the company’s website:
We used blockchain technology to support YouGov Direct because it helps to tackle many of the challenges we see in the audience data market. It turns permission (or consent) into a verifiable audit trail of transactions that can be referenced by businesses to provide GDPR assurance and creates complete transparency of data use from data subject (consumer) to data user (advertiser).
But, we’re confused. We thought the whole point of a blockchain was immutability? How could data held in perpetuity on a decentralised blockchain possibly be GDPR-compliant, given that one of the key elements of the new(ish) EU regulation is the right to be forgotten? (Indeed, we have written about this precise problem before.)....

See what ya got here is a blockchain and an eraser-head which when combined in an addled mind results in: Blockhead!!