Monday, June 10, 2019

Mining the Sea: DeepGreen Raising $150 million

Back in June 2012's Screw the Asteroids: "DeepGreen strikes deal with Glencore for undersea mining metals" we led off with:
I'm a bit late getting to this but when you see "Glencore" and a privately held Vancouver company in the same headline it gets my attention....
Then last year: "Maersk Begins Support Operation for Deep Sea Mining Company, DeepGreen".
And now another (literal) heavyweight.

From the Financial Times: 

Deep sea mining start-up secures bulk of $150m funding round
DeepGreen’s financing follows years of regulatory uncertainty and environmental concerns
DeepGreen, a start-up that wants to suck cobalt and other battery metals from the bottom of the ocean, has secured the backing of offshore pipeline company Allseas as part of a $150m funding round. The financing is a rare sign of progress for deep sea mining after years of regulatory uncertainty and environmental concerns. 
Switzerland-based Allseas will provide the bulk of the $150m and contribute engineering expertise, DeepGreen said. The money will enable the company to carry out feasibility studies on how it can suck small metallic rocks containing cobalt, nickel and manganese from the seabed, thousands of metres below the surface. “Our partnership with Allseas will ultimately help us open up a new, disruptive source of battery metals for the green revolution and transform the mining industry as we know it,” Gerard Barron, the chief executive of DeepGreen, said....MUCH MORE 
HT: The FT's natural resources editor, Neil Hume:
Our readers have seen Allseas a dozen or more times on Climateer Investing, usually with me oohing-and-ahhing over the current heavy-lift world champion, Pioneering Spirit:

Big Boats: "Switzerland's Allseas plans world's largest construction vessel"

We noted the current record holder in May 2017's:
Shipping: Guy Says $3 Billion Boat "One Of The Bigger Bets Of His Career"
Which raises the question "What other bets have you made Mr. Heersma?"
Well, here's an upcoming speculation. From Reuters. Feb. 7:
Swiss offshore services firm Allseas is planning to build a vessel big enough to be able to remove the world’s largest oil and gas platforms when they reach the end of their production lives, its chief executive said.

The vessel, to be called Amazing Grace, is designed to remove the heaviest platforms in a single lift and could reduce decommissioning costs for global oil and gas producers, the firm said.
It would be a bigger version of Allseas’ existing Pioneering Spirit ship, which removed Shell’s Brent Delta platform in the North Sea last year, and would cost about $3 billion, Allseas CEO Edward Heerema told Reuters....MORE
These ships are basically two oil tankers strapped together:
  Lifting of the Delta topsides. Credit: Allseas

In December Pioneering Spirit was laying pipe for the Nord Stream 2 gas line but was then called on to break the heavy-lift record it set with the Delta topsides: 
I like big boats and I can not lie
You landlubbers can't deny
That when a ship sails in with an itty, bitty tug
And a round thing in,...