Thursday, June 20, 2019

How Beef Magazine Covered Beyond Meat's IPO (BYND)

From Beef Magazine, Jun 20, 2019:
Fake meat goes public
Judging by investor reaction to Beyond Meat’s initial public offering last month, there’s at least the perception of a growing appetite for meat substitutes....MORE
I've been asked why we haven't posted on BYND despite our dozens of posts on alt-protein.

The short answer is: it is not tradeable. What you have here is a mediocre concoction that tastes ok if you use plenty of condiments and maybe a small salad on top of the patty.
But you don't dare short it (yet). The offering was priced May 2nd at $25. It traded at $201.88 on June 18th,  
At 12:52PM EDT June 20  $164.75 -4.53, last.

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The real concern of the protein peeps is that the big-money-types (Gates, Khosla, Li Ka-Shing et al) backing the stuff might start throwing their political weight around, as noted a couple weeks ago in "Companies Are Betting on Lab-Grown Meat, but None Know How to Get You to Eat It":
The dream of any right-thinking change agent is to mandate that people use your product.
If that approach is not feasible the fallback is to tax the competition

Here at Totalitarian Marketing Group we supply strategies for the power-mad while making life easier for the top 0.0000001%. TMG, when nudge just isn't fast enough....
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