Sunday, June 23, 2019

Saudi Official: "The blood conflict had lasted too long. Us Saudis and all Gulf States plus Egypt and Jordan realize that the age of going to war with Israel is over."

Big if true.
From the Jerusalem Post, June 22:

Saudi official says 'Deal of Century' leads to full Palestinian statehood 
The official slammed Palestinian leadership as “irresponsible” for not even considering the Deal of the Century, which will bring 60 billion USD to their people.
“History and Allah brought a real opportunity,” a top-ranking Saudi diplomat told Israelis via an interview in Globes on Friday. “The blood conflict had lasted too long. Us Saudis and all Gulf States plus Egypt and Jordan realize that the age of going to war with Israel is over.”
Pointing to “the advantages of normalizing relations,” he argued that “the whole Arab world could benefit from it,” Globes reported. 
The Saudi diplomat told Globes that “Israeli technology is very advanced and the Arab world, including those who hate you, looks at Israel in admiration due to this success and hopes to copy it.”
He further stated that despite the understanding among Saudi people that the age of war with Israel needs to end, the kingdom has a deep commitment to the Palestinians.

“Maybe it is hard for them to part with the character of the ever-suffering victim and they don’t believe they could survive without it,” he said, noting that if they accept the American peace plan they will be given “sums they never dreamed of.”...

I was under the impression Jordan was going to reject the plan, the Palestinians already have but that might be a negotiating tactic.

Here's the part of the Globes interview on Palestine, via Google Translate:
....When will the connection with Israel be published? When will an Israeli representative visit, as happened in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain and others?
You have to understand that Saudi Arabia has a deep commitment and responsibility to the Palestinians, which was reflected in the renewal of the king's promise to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at their last meeting that he would not allow the advancement of diplomatic moves that would harm the Palestinian leadership. And yet both the King and the crown prince are trying to persuade the Palestinians to seriously examine political and economic developments. "
That is a century plan?
"We also and other countries are willing to invest huge sums in this, amounts that the Palestinians did not dream of receiving, and if this framework starts to run, they will export to true independence, education Well, employment, a healthy economy and not dependent on charity. "Here he stops, hesitates and then says:" It may be difficult for them to emerge from the image of the eternal victim and they do not believe they can manage without it. "
As for the diplomatic issue, the Saudi diplomat is surprising. According to reports, senior advisers to President Donald Trump, Jared Kouchner and Jason Greenblatt, talk about a state with reduced powers, but he says that the plan is expected to bring a real state for the Palestinians.
"As far as we know, the plan has a clear track leading to full Palestinian independence at the end of the process. We also have reservations about the American proposals on a number of issues, especially Jerusalem and Haram al-Sharif, but we are convinced that even the most complex questions can be solved when the stomach is full and life is calm, that is, when the economic situation improves, there is no violence and there is a real horizon. And that the Palestinians still do not accept. "
We published in "Globes" in October that they were offered billions in order to enter into negotiations on the basis of the centennial plan.
"Indeed, the publication came to us mainly after the Foreign Office in Washington tried to deny it, and then the Palestinians themselves admitted that it was true. The plan has undergone transformations, and if initially it was $ 10 billion in investment in the territories of Palestine, it currently encompasses a sum of six times more, and mainly includes other countries, led by Jordan and Egypt. You have to be irresponsible and leadership in order not to consider such a move. "...
Of course it could all be propaganda, it is just so difficult to pick out the truth from the packaging.