Saturday, September 22, 2018

Canada's IoT-Connected Bathrooms

In a world clamoring for more IoT devices...

From Exchange Magazine, Sept. 22:

Demand for exclusive IoT solution grows in Canada, Europe and Australia
Bunzl Canada's Intelligent Restroom System Captures Global Interest
Burlington - Bunzl Canada announced its IoT-based restroom monitoring system, WandaNEXT™ is about to be installed in another Canadian airport and several shopping malls, adding to its growing presence in healthcare, retail, commercial and conference facilities across the country.

"First-to-market innovations that help to maximize operational efficiencies and deliver an improved customer experience are one of the key reasons that our customers choose Bunzl as a strategic supply partner," said John Howlett, President, Bunzl Canada.

The WandaNEXT™ IoT restroom monitoring system is powered by Visionstate Inc. (TSX Venture: VIS), and is exclusively available through Bunzl Canada. The system uses a touchscreen interface and connected devices to enable customers in retail, healthcare, airports, conference centres and commercial environments to have a predictable, high-quality restroom service experience. It also enables facility maintenance teams to better manage resources and improve efficiency.
Interest in the technology is growing rapidly in Canada, and a bilingual version was recently released for final in-market testing in Quebec. The product's installation base continues to grow in the United States, and it was met with enthusiastic customer response in the U.K. earlier this year. This month, WandaNEXT™ was launched in Australia by Bunzl Outsourcing Services and interest in piloting the product has been expressed by several customers.

"WandaNEXT™ is an easy-to-use technology that helps to improve customer experience, optimize labour and supply management and reduce costs," said Margo Hunnisett, Bunzl Canada's Vice President, Marketing & Communications....MORE
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