Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Few Things We Weren't Comfortable Posting On International Women's Day

Some miscellany I was counseled may be too political for #IWD.

We've mentioned the female fighters a few times:
Hundreds of Former Sex Slaves Take Up Arms To Do What Obama, Cameron Won't: Kill ISIS Pigs 
The Battle to Retake Raqqa Syria From ISIS Is Being Led By A Kurdish Woman: Jihadis, Erdoğan Not Pleased
From Women's Wear Daily (got a problem with that?):
Thanks to Red Bull, Hendrickson, a former World champ and the first woman to jump in an Olympic skiing event, was the first person in 32 years to lift off from the Nansen Ski Jump.
From Vintage Everyday:

You know what makes housecleaning and taking inches off of your waistline more fun? Amphetamines. 
According to the ad, "the magic powder" even gives you "enough energy to carry on working throughout the night."

And finally via Futility Closet, Chapter 1 of Jane Austen's Jack and Alice:
Mr. Johnson was once upon a time about 53; in a twelvemonth afterwards he was 54, which so much delighted him that he was determined to celebrate his next Birth day by giving a Masquerade to his Children and Freinds. Accordingly on the Day he attained his 55th year tickets were dispatched to all his Neighbours to that purpose. His acquaintance indeed in that part of the World were not very numerous as they consisted only of Lady Williams, Mr and Mrs Jones, Charles Adams and the 3 Miss Simpsons, who composed the neighbourhood of Pammydiddle and formed the Masquerade.

Before I proceed to give an account of the Evening, it will be proper to describe to my reader, the persons and Characters of the party introduced to his acquaintance.

Mr and Mrs Jones were both rather tall and very passionate, but were in other respects, good tempered, wellbehaved People. Charles Adams was an amiable, accomplished and bewitching young Man; of so dazzling a Beauty that none but Eagles could look him in the Face.

Miss Simpson was pleasing in her person, in her Manners and in her Disposition; an unbounded ambition was her only fault. Her second sister Sukey was Envious, Spitefull and Malicious. Her person was short, fat and disagreeable. Cecilia (the youngest) was perfectly handsome but too affected to be pleasing....MORE including some commentary appropriate to #IWD
Ms. Austen wrote that when she was 13 years old.
At that age I think I was still monosyllabic.