Monday, March 20, 2017

So, What Does A Sleeper Train Look Like When Fashioned By A Ferrari Designer?

From Curbed:

Sleeper train by Ferrari designer is downright decadent
Japan’s new Train Suite Shikishima sleeps a maximum of just 34
Last week, Japanese industrial designer Ken Okuyama—perhaps best known for designing the Ferrari Enzo (and this weird office chair)—unveiled the latest in luxury train travel: the Train Suite Shikishima from JR East. 

The 5 billion Yen—nearly $44.4 million—sleeper train is made of 10 custom-designed cars including two glass-walled observatory cars, a shared lounge car, a dining car, and six private suite cars. Train Suite Shikishima hosts pre-arranged multi-day tourism trips across Japan, and can sleep a maximum of just 34 passengers. A three-night, four-day excursion costs roughly $8,000 per person. The train is already all booked up for its first six months, according to Spoon & Tomago.
But feast your eyes on the interiors: The white-and-wood lounge car features sculptural walls meant to resemble trees in a forest. The dining car feels slightly retro with geometric paneling and crisp white table linens....MORE