Thursday, March 23, 2017

Today In Fedspeak: Three Speeches

Continuing to draw on the list Amey Stone at Barron's posted last week:
  • 03/23 08:00 Fed’s Yellen Speaks at Community Development Conference
  • 03/23 12:30 Fed’s Kashkari Speaks on U.S. Education Outcomes in D.C.
  • 03/23 19:00 Dallas Fed’s Kaplan Speaks on Economy in Chicago
Despite the Chair's being one of today's talks it's actually tomorrow's lineup that could throw a match into the fireworks factory:
  • 03/24 08:00 Fed’s Evans Speaks at Community Development Event
  • 03/24 09:05 Fed’s Bullard to Speak to Economic Club of Memphis
  • 03/24 10:00 Fed’s Dudley Speaks in New York at York College

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