Friday, September 30, 2016

FT Alphaville Proposes A Fix For Deutsche Bank, Stock Rises 6% (DB)

The stock is up 70 cents at $12.18.
From FT Alphaville's Markets Live post:
Participants in this session were: Paul Murphy and Bryce Elder
PM Ok! Welcome to ML
PM Markets Live
PM This feels like an important session
PM Not that all our ML sessions are not important
PM But this one, especially so
PM We’re gonna save Deutsche Bank
PM Yes, really
PM Emoticon Deutsche Bank
PM Buy it now
BE Steady.
PM Don’t hesitate
PM Deep deep value
PM Deep value hiding in plain sight
PM This is Deutsche
PM And Bryce has a plan
PM The Elder Plan
PM Gonna save what should be Europe’s biggest and strongest financial institution
PM Let me get a couple of charts up
PM Here’s the stock price near term
PM And longer term
PM The Elder plan, when enacted will prob see the price double
PM mI say when not if
BE Hell’s teeth, Murph. You might be building this up a wee bit much.