Monday, September 26, 2016

Deutsche Bank: Chalk One Up For The Electron-Stained Wretches

Today's most commented post (ex-Markets Live, see below) at Alphaville:
Deutsche’s new market cap, in context

Yes, the humble, anonymous toilers who post simply as FT Alphaville, bring home the comment bacon.

Of course I had to exclude The Murphy/Elder production which is in a different commenting class and seems to have a different class of commenter.

Here's the part of their post on Deutsche Bank:
... BE Yep. We’re choosing, largely through a lack of alternatives, to worry about Deutsche Bank and Opec.
BE Which, in addition to the Fed, are the default worries in times when it’s a down day and there’s no specific new news.
PM Well Deutsche is a worry!
PM Especially if you work there
BE Yeah, sure …. but ……..
BE  Deutsche since 1992, rebased against the Dax.
BE Put a dollar in a Dax tracker in 1992, you get $7.
BE Put it into Deutsche and you get 36 cents.
PM This are shocking stats Bryce
BE It’s been a terrible investment for decades, because the vicious cycle inherent in banks.
BE As in, they need to issue stock to retain their best people and keep the plates spinning on capital.
BE As soon as they’re fragile they can’t raise cash. And that is basically that.