Friday, August 19, 2016

"Oracle says it has donated to secretive anti-Google research effort" (ORCL; GOOG)

From Fortune:
Will anyone else admit they’re paying?

Groups with words like “transparency” in their name are typically very open about how they operate. That’s why the “Campaign for Accountability,” a non-profit hatched in Washington this spring, is such a mystery: the group refuses to say who pays for its activities.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the activities of the CfA, as it calls itself, consist of a smattering of do-gooder projects — LGBT rights, clean water and so on — and a permanent campaign called “The Google Transparency Project,” which claims to expose various villainies carried out by the search giant. Now, though, at least one company has claimed credit for funding it....MORE
HT: The Hill from whom we lifted the headline.

"Google’s Secretive and Deep-Pocketed Foe Heavily Funded by Gates, Hewlett Foundations"