Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"FT Correspondent: UK Businessmen Dress Like Vulgar Slobs Compared To Parisian Counterparts"

From DealBreaker:
It’s the third week in August and nothing is happening so sure, let’s examine this issue. According to the Financial Times‘ Adam Thomson, financial services employees living across the pond show up to the office looking like garish bums, compared to financiers à Paris. The trouble, apparently, is two-fold:
  • First, no one ever told United Kingdom-based blokes that your options for shirt colors are white, white, or white, the result being that they walk out of their closets looking like they take sartorial cues from Władziu Valentino Liberace: “…you need to convey elegance, which a white shirt does in spades. ‘A blue shirt will never look as elegant as a white shirt,’ [a French colleague at the Paris bureau of the Financial Times] states bluntly. By and large, English people do not know any of this. What constitutes good dress sense is more flexible on the island and it leaves plenty of room for flamboyance: pink shirts are commonplace in London; so are striped shirts with solid-colour collars and cuffs. Such an approach in formal Paris could easily derail an otherwise promising career, my colleague says. ‘You don’t want to be remembered for what you wear.'”


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