Thursday, March 17, 2016

Questions Americans Are Asking: "How Did Potash Prices Change Throughout the World Last Week?"

From Market Realist:

Potash pricesThe average weekly price of MOP (muriate of potash) at Vancouver has been flat since the beginning of March. Companies such as PotashCorp (POT), Intrepid Potash (IPI), and Mosaic (MOS) produce MOP and thus are impacted by its prices. 
Prices move sidewaysFor the week ending March 11, MOP prices stood at $282 per metric ton, remaining unchanged from the week ending March 4. The prices of granular MOP at Brazil also remained flat for the week ending March 11 at $223 per metric ton. The price of standard MOP in Southeast Asia remained unchanged at $269 per metric ton. 
MOP prices in the US Corn Belt fell to $224 metric ton (or $248 per short ton) from $225 per metric ton (or $249 per short ton) in the previous week....MORE
Okay, so not much happening.
Never mind.