Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Quick Look At Silver

We are betting on lower silver and have been for some months.*
Most active (March) futures $15.790 up 0.102.
From Dragonfly Capital:

Silver: Tarnished or Ready to Shine?
...That shiny metal is forming a Star. A doji star as well. The monthly chart shows this happening at the lower Bollinger Band® and the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement of the long run higher. This is often a identified as a reversal candle, but is actually a sign of indecision that can resolve in either direction. Keep an eye on Silver into the new year....MORE
*Dec. 22 
Gold & Silver Tumble As USDJPY Hits 120 and Hitler Gets a Margin Call
Nov. 5 
Gold, Silver Continue Historic Decline
Oct. 30 
"Gold Drops Below $1200 On Heavy Volume, Silver Freefalls To Feb 2010 Lows"
Oct. 3 
"Technical Trading: Charts Don't Lie, No Sign Of A Bottom In Silver" (SLV)Sept. 30
Gold, Silver Resume Decline
...We continue to believe the collapse in precious is the highest probability trade you'll find and that silver is the easier call of the two....
Sept. 19 
Gold Down, Silver Collapses
Sept. 11
Chartology: "The Downside Target in Silver is Below $15"
As we've noted over the last few months when posting on gold and silver "...The easier call has been silver".
Sept. 10
Silver Bounces at Support For the Fourth Time In 14 Months
An Argument For $13 Silver and $1100 Gold
Sept. 2
Gold: "There's something wrong with our bloody ships today, Chatfield"
...The easier call has been silver:
Gold, Silver Continue Fearless Decline