Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Strong Second Half Of 2015 For Gold - Financial Astrologer Mahendra"

Most active (Feb) futures $1177.50 down $2.30. We continue to target $875 although it is getting boring to continue typing this.
From Kitco:
Kitco News’ Outlook 2015 series is starting off the week with the one and only Mahendra Sharma, the people’s financial astrologer. Sharma maps out what he expects to be a choppy first half of 2015 for gold prices before they gain traction in July 2015. He notes that there will be an interesting trend at that time with the U.S. dollar and gold prices moving up together in unison....MORE, including video.
We prefer other types of divinition including but not limited to chicken entrails and technical analysis.

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