Monday, December 22, 2014

Gold & Silver Tumble As USDJPY Hits 120 and Hitler Gets a Margin Call

Mare and more it's looking as though the mid-October guess* was accurate.
$1174.70 last. Here's the recent action via FinViz:
From ZeroHedge:
Despite stocks ignoring the momentum ignition efforts, USDJPy just briefly broke 120 once again. That appears to have been the flash signal for 'someone' to dump vast quantities of precious metals in the futures markets... "unrigged"
USDJPY insta-smashed to 120 and backed off...MORE
Also at ZH:
Bloomberg's Commodity Index Drops To Lowest Since 2009: What Does It Mean?

* "Gold: Huh. It Looks Like $1240 WAS the Top For This Go-round"

And from 2008: