Friday, December 26, 2014

Iceland's Bárðarbunga Volcano Continues Erupting, Scientists Getting Bored

From Iceland Geology:

Bárðarbunga volcano update 22-December-2014
This is a short update of Bárðarbunga volcano eruption.
  • The eruption has now lasted almost four months. Making this the longest eruption in Iceland for many, many years. This might be the longest eruption in Iceland since 19th century.
  • The lava field in Holuhraun is now larger then 80 km² in size. The lava now flows underground in lava tubes inside the lava field. It breaks out on the edges at times and sometimes up on the surface....MORE
Other news about Bárðarbunga volcano eruption
  • Scientists are getting bored of the meetings about the Bárðarbunga volcano. So far around 80 or so meetings have taken place since the eruption started.