Monday, October 28, 2013

New Website Generates Haiku from the NSA’s Watchlist of Badwords

And if everyone doesit at the same time, emailing, texting and phoning the results there will be a meltdown of such proportions that it could be tapped as an energy source.
From VentureBeat:

 Snow pork and NSA haiku: New website generates poems from the NSA’s watchlist of badwords
A brand-new website, NSA Haiku, takes words from the NSA’s watchlist of bad words and mixes them up to create weird and wonderful mashups of seditious and subversive haiku. From the resulting works of art, it’s clear that those NSA spooks are very interested in sex and suspicious packages.

Not to mention enriched ice wings:
Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.03.50 PM
...The 366 words contain such gems as Islamist, which every terrorist knows to use in his or her email, smart, which it is always important to be when the NSA is hunting you, and IED, because the bad guys have clearly adopted U.S. military jargon.

Another list that NSA Haiku also draws from is one that was released way back in 1998; it contains oddities like AOL founder Steve Case and one-time Apple CEO John Scully — or perhaps Scully from the X-Files. Plus, of course, cocaine, illuminati, assassinate, and yes, sex....MORE