Monday, October 28, 2013

Climateer Line of the Day: "Serve in Place of" Edition

I came upon this, first concurred and then couldn't stop laughing:
" money would trade heterogeneously and at different values — undermining its fungibility (a very important feature of money)...
Yes, yes it is a very important feature and the sentiment expressed so innocently is damned hard to disagree with.
That's from FT Alphaville's Izabella Kaminska's personal blog, Dizzynomics.

Of course I was reminded of something, in this case the Latin etymology of 'fungible' (fungi vice) which led to this when I tried to pronounce "fungi"--
From Sesquiotica:
fungible, fungi
We were setting out some refreshments at Domus Logogustationis for our monthly Words, Wines, and Whatever tasting event. Maury had paused to scrutinize a piece of truffled Gorgonzola.

“I believe this is a bit mouldy.”

I peered over. Elisa, ready to hand, made a funny face. “It’s supposed to be! It’s blue cheese!” she said.
“Yes,” said Maury, holding up the offending wedge, “but there is the mould in the cheese and the mould on the cheese. Moulds are not fungible.”

“Ironically,” I said.

“Why ironically?” Elisa asked.

“Because they’re fungi,” Maury said, pronouncing it “fun-jye.”

“Fungi?” Elisa said, saying it “fun-guy.”
“I am often thought one such, thank you,” Maury replied.

Elisa was about to say something, the caught herself and gave Maury a light swat. “Ha ha. But you said ‘fun-jye.’”

“Well, yes,” said Maury, “I was going with the usual way of saying anglicized Latin terms. We don’t, after all, say fungible with a velar g. Or pretty much any other similar Latin-derived word, except for fungi, which has both options available.”...MORE, but be warned,  this way lies madness.
Still laughing.