Thursday, September 12, 2013

Twitter "The only way to play the IPO, before it comes public, is via GSV Capital" (GSVC; SVVC)

GSV’s VC fund owns Twitter and it comprises 15% of their holdings.
That's at iBank Coin.
The rest of the post is probably required reading before action is taken on this idea.
The stock closed at $12.14 -$0.13 (-1.06%)
After Hours: $14.25 +$2.11 (17.38%)

We had a similar trade in Facebook:
The Tiny Publicly Held Fund That Has 5% of It's Assets in Facebook

$16 to $40

 Guess where the FB IPO was.

See also the private market exchanges, we've been babbling about them since 2009.
In "Nasdaq Progressing On New Private-Market Exchange" I said:
The WSJ's Venture Capital Dispatch blog has been on top of what I think will be a big story in the next couple years. Any time you have a business that occupies a space at the interstices of regulation you have the opportunity for outsize returns on equity for the creators and all kinds of interesting effects for the end user....
More on SharesPost at "Private Equity, Venture Capital: "SharesPost Enables Trading of Green Startups"'.