Friday, September 27, 2013

EIA Weekly Natural Gas Supply/Demand Report

Wondering where all the gas for yesterday's big storage injection came from?
From the Energy Information Administration:
...Consumption declined during the report week. According to data from Bentek Energy LLC, total consumption fell 5.6%, driven by a steep decrease in consumption for power generation in every region of the country. With weather moderating, air conditioning loads have dropped off. Consumption of gas for power generation in the Southeast, Texas, and the Northeast, the three largest consumers of natural gas in this sector, decreased by 12.1%, 25.7%, and 12.5%, respectively. Industrial and residential/commercial demand both increased, rising by 1.0% and 2.7%, respectively. Pipeline exports to Mexico rose by 16.6% over the report week, but accounted for a relatively small component of natural gas disposition.

Supply declined during the report week, but less steeply than consumption. Bentek reported that total supply fell 1.3%, driven by a production decline of 1.2%. Northwest and Midwest reductions in gas imports from Canada led to a decline in total gas imports from Canada of 4.4%. Canadian flows to the U.S. Northeast were flat at near zero. Imports of LNG were up for the report week, with shipments arriving in the Sabine Pass Terminal in the Gulf Coast on Tuesday and Wednesday, but totals remained close to historical lows....MORE
New (October) contract, $3.5600 last. As it turned out that $3.4020 was indeed the low for yesterday.
EIA Natural Gas Storage Report: A Big Build, Gas Drops, Sticks the Landing at $3.4020