Friday, September 20, 2013

Today's Selling Cascade in Gold'...time.
Yesterday afternoon's $1375 was one of those "I have dishonored my ancestors/I'm not ready for seppuku-time" prints, see posts below.
$1327.20 low; $1334.20, last.
I like the riverine appearance of the 5-minute chart: placid-then rapids-then a series of falls, real naturey.
We're going lower, both short term and into 2014.

Today's action via FinViz:

Posts from the last two days:
Lines on Charts: Gold Buyers Not Very Enthusiastic
"Goldman Flip-Flops: Sees Near-Term Upside In Gold"
Yesterday, before learning of Goldman's perfidy and fully $12 dollars lower, we posted "$1357.40: What a Lovely Price to Sell Some Gold At".
Rat bastards.
$1357.40: What a Lovely Price to Sell Some Gold At

Here's the hourly chart showing Wednesday's pop and the slow decline: