Monday, September 23, 2013

This Might Be Important: World's Largest Advertiser Says Digital Marketing Is Dead

The Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference (Dmexco) is a big deal.
From The Drum:

'Digital marketing is dead' proclaims Procter & Gamble's global brand building officer Marc Pritchard 
Procter & Gamble's global brand building officer Marc Pritchard has proclaimed digital marketing to be "dead".
Speaking at Dmexco, the chief marketer from the world's largest advertiser, asked; "Try and resist thinking about digital in terms of the tools, the platforms, the QR Codes and all of the technology coming next. We [Procter & Gamble] try and see it for what it is, which is a tool for engaging people with fresh, creative campaigns...the era of digital marketing is over. It's almost dead. It's now just brand building. It's what we do."

He made this statement after running a video advertisement for a Braun electric shaver that initially ran online only, ignoring all traditional marketing, driving sales before running through traditional media. "It wasn't the digital component. It was the campaign," he declared, explaining that it prove to the company what could be achieved in the digital world...MORE