Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trading the War of Non-intervention

This was the headline at the Financial Times yesterday-"Barack Obama marshals his forces for war of non-intervention in Syria".


Following up on Wednesday morning's "If The Markets Are Moving on War Get Ready to Reverse Every Move From Yesterday":
...Yesterday gold was up as the real-rate got clobbered by a nine BP move in the 10-year, the dollar was strong and stocks were weak.
Reverse 'em all. Gold currently $1425.90 up another $5.70, EUR/USD 1.3343, S&P futures 1,628.00 , 10 year yield 2.721 off another 3%....
Keep calm and Carry on.

Gold $1412.60
EUR/USD 1.3265
S&P futures 1,637.25
10-year yield 2.782

That's four-for-four. 

You may have noticed the complete lack of thoughts on oil.
I don't have a clue.