Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alphaville Looks at Strange Bloomberg Headlines

From the Pearson PLC may be selling the Financial Times' FT Alphaville, pity about the new owner, blog:
Goldman Gratuity Rankles Hoyt Scolding Newspersons: Compliance
The second I saw that headline I knew someone understood:
Editors Seen Quaking After Ex-NYT Ombudsman Assail
Blankfein To Stiletto Hugging Headlines Client-Data Collateral Damage:
...Though not brought up in interviews by clients, several editors acknowledged that headline clarity can sometimes be an issue. From the three-month review period, many examples were found. Here is a small selection to illustrate the point:
“DSM’s Flirt With Red Hot Mamas Cuts Investor Love for Plastics”
Longtime readers know we were fans of the Strange Bloomberg Headlines blog although recently their finds haven't had that old snap. From time to time there are still flashes of genius:
Hard Cider Treated Like Beer Becomes Endeavor of Senators: Taxes 
London Bankers Race Traders at Sea to Push Boys’ Cancer Jabs
but they've become fewer and further between. So what's a news junkie to do?

There are other places to get the fix, this Izzy Kaminska antecessor comes to us from the Party Like a Journalist Pinterest:

Not to be confused with the Party Like a Journalist Tumblr:

Or Party Like a

Journalists’ reaction when they hear their stories quoted verbatim on the radio without citation. 
Journalists’ reaction when they hear their stories 
quoted verbatim on the radio without citation.