Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Report: JPMorgan Chase Not as Bad as the Nazis, But Could Be Investigated For Trading Practices" (JPM; GS)

It was close but this is what emerged as our headline of the day.
From Barron's Stocks to Watch column:
Imagine my surprise when I searched on Google for JPMorgan Chase (JPM) to check out a report that the investment bank was being investigated for criminal acts, only to discover that JPMorgan is not akin to the Nazis. Seriously.

Here’s the New York Times summary of this all-important story:
An outside review of Bloomberg L.P.’s practices found that a controversial article that compared the damage in an Italian town after a bad deal with JPMorgan Chase to the fallout from the Nazis’ occupation in World War II went “too far.”...MORE
Taking the Miss Congeniality prize:
Goldman Sachs Makes Bad Trades, Wants Money Back

FT Alphaville had a couple looks at the Bloomberg report:
Goldman Gratuity Rankles Hoyt Scolding Newspersons: Compliance