Friday, May 31, 2013

And On Top of Everything Else We've Got a Hindenburg Omen

From our April 17 post:
Oh Great. Now We've Got a Hindenburg Omen Sighting
From Investor Verlag (Tuesday):

Goldaktien im freien Fall
in den vergangenen Tagen haben wir einen als klassisch zu bezeichnenden Ausverkauf geseheen. Nein, nicht nur bei Gold und den anderen Edelmetallen. Seit gestern haben wir auch für die US-Aktienmärkte ein Hindenburg-Omen vorliegen....
Even if you don't speak the language of love, the meaning is pretty clear: "Gold in free-fall but it's not just gold, since yesterday we have a Hindenberg Omen in U.S. markets."
Important caveat after the jump! 

From ZeroHedge which I sometimes have trouble translating:
Stocks Slide On Hindenburg Omen Sighting
...Third, and perhaps more important to some, based on intraday data so far, the much-discussed Hindenburg Omen has been spotted. The last time we were this high in stocks and the Hindenburg was spotted was October 2007...MORE
 ...and The Hindenburg Omen... (red bars on upper pane)... click for large version...

See also, from August 2010:
Thanks Alphaville: "Testing the Hindenburg Omen"
Although CXO Advisory is one of our 1300 feeds and one I try to get to at least twice a week I somehow missed this. FT Alphaville didn't.
First CXO goes through the methodology of their test, in-depth as always, then:
...In summary, evidence from simple tests of a publicly available set of “confirmed” Hindenburg Omens suggests the possibility of usefulness, but reservations regarding small sample size and potential sample bias are strong.
The vivid image evoked by the name may be an important factor in media attention to the Hindenburg Omen.
Gee, d'yuh think?...MORE