Monday, May 20, 2013

Dozens of Schoolchildren Killed in Oklahoma Tornadoes

Storms this big, EF-4, EF-5, in urban areas are very, very bad.

Efforts switch to recovery at Moore, Okla. elementary school
MOORE, Okla. – Officials said they are no longer working a search and rescue effort but now a recovery mission at the a Moore elementary school where children and teachers took shelter Monday.
First responders told KFOR-TV’s Lance West they don’t believe there are anymore survivors in the Plaza Towers Elementary school.

So far the bodies of seven children have been recovered.

Crews said they believe 20 to 30 more children may be inside but again, do not believe there are anymore survivors....MORE
The F-5 that hit Oklahoma City in 1999 killed 36 (as part of an outbreak that killed 46 people) and it looks like this will be worse.
Here's the little girl who will probably become the face of the disaster: