Friday, May 31, 2013

Controlling Your 3D Printer With Your Mind


Dreaming up reality: 3D printed objects created by your mind
Wearing a neuro-headset, Thinker Thing's George Laskowsky has done the unimaginable. He has thought an object into existence. From the sound of it, this is something that just can't happen. It is a power reserved not for man, but for the gods. And yet this little orange robotic-looking arm was created by the power of a human brain.

Well, that and a whole lot of software — and a 3D printer. So the object in question didn't just wink into existence when Laskowsky thought of it. Unless, that is, you look at the event in the right light.
Here's how the whole thing works: First you strap on the EPOC headset, built by Emotiv. Then the Thinker Thing program starts, showing you a display of a very basic shape. Next, as you watch, the object begins to mutate and evolve.

You emotionally react, approving and disapproving shapes based on how close they are to the object you've thought up. The mental signals that you're sending off with your emotions are picked up by the EPOC headset and guide the future development of the Thinker Thing program. Eventually, the object upon the screen resembles your mental picture and it's time to hit print....MORE