Friday, July 29, 2011

"China Should Buy U.S. Equities Instead of Treasuries, Economist Xie Says"

I have no idea what Xie's angle is. Is he an adviser to the Chinese?
From Bloomberg:
China should buy U.S. stocks instead of Treasuries as they may be safer investments amid concerns about a U.S. debt default or credit-rating downgrades, according to Andy Xie, an independent economist.

“The U.S. stock market can be a credible alternative,” Xie, 50, formerly Morgan Stanley’s chief Asia economist in Hong Kong, said in an interview in Bloomberg’s Shanghai office yesterday. “U.S. companies are reporting strong earnings and they are selling a lot to emerging markets. Even though U.S. stocks aren’t cheap by historical standards, they are a better investment relative to Treasuries.?...MORE 
I think he wrote his Wikipedia entry himself:

Xie considers himself as one who has had a reasonably good record at calling bubbles in the past.