Monday, July 25, 2011

Apple is the Market, the Market is Apple: "Some Quick Facts About Apple's Massive Market Footprint" (AAPL; QQQ; NDX; SPY)

As of June 30 AAPL was weighted at 2.58% of the S&P 500 index, second only to XOM's 3.34%.
In addition, Apple's weighting in the Nasdaq 100 is 12.33%, far and away the largest weight in that index.
The stock is up $6.10 at $399.40.
From ZeroHedge:
Just a couple of quick observations on how the market is now pretty much "all Apple." Using David Kostin's previously published data, the first chart below shows that Apple alone accounts for a substantial portion of the best margin performing group in the S&P: Information Technology. Indeed, as the second chart shows while most sectors have been cutting their margin forecasts for H2, with a particular emphasis on materials, healthcare and industrials, one sector has been doing surprisingly well: InfoTech. And of this, Apple is the dominant margin leader. As Kostin says, "AAPL was a key contributor to the market’s continued margin expansion." Take away this cult company and the entire market's forecasted margin improvement collapses. Furthermore, as was pointed out previously, and confirming just how massive Apple's role is in the S&P earnings picture, is the fact that  Apple (AAPL) which posted revenues $3.9 billion (16%) above expectations and single-handedly contributed a stunning 40% ($0.23) of the $0.57 per share of aggregate EPS surprise for the S&P 500....MORE