Sunday, July 24, 2011

Asian Markets: "You're on Your Own Deal Looks Unlikely for 5:00 Today"

From ZeroHedge:
From The Hill: "Asian Markets? They Are On Their Own - Deal Today Looking Unlikely"
With 10 minutes remaining until 4 pm, and no newsflow to the contrary, it was pretty obvious that there would be no deal, at least in the immediate future. This has now been confirmed by ABC News's Jonathan Carl: "Asian markets?  They are on their own. A Republican source tells ABC News negotiators do not expect to have a deal or even the framework of a deal on the debt ceiling by 4 p.m. today, as House Speaker John Boehner had said he wanted to steady jittery Asian markets when they open." And here is why the dip buyers will be having a field day today: "In fact, the source says a deal today is now looking unlikely." Remember: under Bernanke, nothing can possibly ever go wrong. So buy everything, buy with both hands, buy on margin. In fact, take out a 4th lien on your unborn child and margin that up while buying every dip. Remember: there is no risk. The central planners have spoken....MORE