Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Badass! "How Wendi Deng Murdoch Won the Day" (NWS.A)

Damn she moved fast.
Wendi (in pink) goes over the woman in grey to get her licks in.
From New York Magazine:

Watch it over and over and over ...
Watch it over and over and over ...

A mere 24 hours ago, Wendi Murdoch, née Deng, wasn't having such a great time. Her husband was in the middle of the worst crisis of his career, which happened to be rotten timing for the opening of the movie she'd co-produced. Her marriage to Rupert seemed to many like a classic trophy case — despite her own impressive résumé, Wendi is, after all, much younger and far more beautiful than her very powerful husband. And then with one instinctual protective swap, she became Wendi Daaaang, responsible for the most riveting moment of a memorable day, stealing the thunder of the pie thrower, even.

Deng's volleyball career was swiftly analyzed (was that a spike?!); an MP told Rupert, "Your wife has a very good left hook." Wendi became, suddenly, not a mysterious gold digger, but a genuine pop-culture hero...MORE
HT: Foreign Policy's Passport blog:
What’s the reaction in China to Wendi Murdoch’s action hero moves yesterday?