Thursday, June 24, 2010

Siemens: Bernstein Downgrades; Sees Good News Priced In (SI)

If SI is downgraded its American doppelgänger (GE) should be too.
SI is down $2.44 at $92.92.
From Tech Trader Daily:
Siemens (SI) shares are trading lower today after Bernstein Research analyst Martin Prozesky downgraded the electronics giant’s stock to Market Perform from Outperform. He notes that the stock over the last 12 months has outperformed the market by 28% and the industrial sector by 10%....MORE
"Siemens aims for 1/5 of world smart grids business" (SI)
 Dear GE: "Siemens Predicts 15 Billion Euros in Stimulus Orders "
Dear General Electric, Siemens: American Superconductor to Begin Licensing 10 MW Wind Turbine this Year (AMSC; GE; SI) 
Dear GE, The Europeans are Coming: Siemens Energy picks Boulder for wind R&D center; Vestas Chooses Houston (SI; VWS.CO)