Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Matthew R. Simmons Retires as Chairman Emeritus of Simmons & Company International to Dedicate his Full Attention to The Ocean Energy Institute (BP)

Well that's one way to avoid any future awkwardness.
The headline is via EarthTimes, the comment is from DealBreaker:
On Friday we noted that Simmons and Company had upgraded BP to a buy, making the fact that its namesake, Matt Simmons, had been going around talking about nukes and BP not lasting through the summer slightly awkward.
Also a tad uncomfortable was the fact that the company wrote its investors telling them to “disavow” any words that come out of Matt Simmons’ mouth. Well guess what, former pals? Simmons doesn’t need you– he doesn’t need any of you! Which is why he announced today he’s taking his insights and leaving, with a resignation effective June 30 (lotta stuff to clean out of the office, couldn’t be done in one day).