Friday, June 18, 2010

"Trina Solar: Gabelli Launches Coverage With Sell Rating" (TSL)

Drama Queen.
I mean the analyst, not TSL.
Trina is serenely taking the gut-punch, down 12 cents now, at $18.55, and I'd expect more at the close.
From Tech Trader Daily:
Gabelli & Co. analyst Hendi Susanto today launched coverage of Trina Solar (TSL) with a Sell rating.
Susanto asserts that over-capacity in the solar industry is increasing, and contends that ASPs in the solar module sector will resume their decline in the second half. He also notes that in 2009, 93% of Trina’s sales were in Europe, the highest percentage of the Chinese solar manufacturers....MORE
This analyst appears to, in the words of my grandmother*, have a remarkable grasp of the obvious.
If he didn't have the Gabelli name behind him I suspect the market would say "Who?"
*Grandmother was a sharp-tongued woman.