Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Retail Investors Diving into BP Shares" (BP)

The stock is up $1.05 at $28.10. impressive considering the DJIA looks to be closing in on DOWN 300.
From MarketBeat:

Retail investors are piling into shares of BP PLC in big numbers, betting that they can scoop up a bargain as the oil giant’s share price crumples. Most of them ought to be playing their hand more cautiously, according to one investor behavior guru.

“We’re seeing a lot of new investors who have never traded in BP now trading in the shares, and sad to say, a lot of them are buying,” said Jay Pestrichelli, a managing director at online brokerage TD Ameritrade who is tasked with keeping a close eye on investor behavior among Ameritrade’s 6 million clients.
The sadness, Pestrichelli explains, is based on his belief that much of the enthusiasm that’s made BP the brokerage’s most highly-traded stock among so-called “active” retail investors is based on a misguided belief that they can call BP’s bottom. “There’s a reason why they say you don’t try to catch a falling knife,” says Pestrichelli....MORE
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