Thursday, December 24, 2009

Top 10 questions for 2010 - Climate change and clean tech edition

From the Financial Times' Energy Source blog:

There are easily more than 100 ‘big questions’ for climate change and clean technology in 2010, but here’s a few, based on some of this year’s big themes:

1. Will a binding post-Copenhagen agreement ever be struck – and between whom?

2. How will low-carbon investment fare in the fallout from Copenhagen?

3. How will carbon offset projects fare after Copenhagen?

4. How quickly and effectively will the ‘quick start’ financing promised to developing countries be deployed?

5. Who (if anyone) will win the so-called clean tech race?

6. Will renewables mandates be favoured over cap-and-trade in the US?

7. Will natural gas be an interim saviour?

8. Will interest in nuclear as a low-CO2 option continue to grow, or will safety and cost/delay concerns?

9. Will China become more estranged from some other developing countries on climate negotiations?

10. Will we all forget about hacked emails and climate sceptics, or will the peer review process itself be reviewed?

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