Tuesday, December 29, 2009

German solar industry wants faster subsidy cuts (FSLR; TAN)

This may be aimed more at the Chinese rather than FSLR but the Big Dog will feel the effects.
From Reuters:

German solar companies in industry association BSW are proposing to cut subsidies faster than planned, Solarworld Chief Executive Frank Asbeck told a German magazine.

So far, plans had called for a 10 percent reduction of feed-in tariffs -- incentives utilities are obliged to pay for power generated from renewable sources -- in early 2010 and another 10 percent a year later. BSW is now proposing to add a cut in mid-2010.

"Some 10 percent on January 1, 5 percent at mid-year and then another 10 percent at the move into 2011," Asbeck said, according to an excerpt of an interview to be published in weekly Focus-Money magazine on Wednesday....MORE