Thursday, December 31, 2009

That's a Wrap: Good-bye to 2009

As Franklin Roosevelt said about public speaking "Be sincere, be brief, be seated".

First off, thanks to our regular visitors. Since we started the blog we've been continually impressed by how scary smart [and good looking -ed] you are. Because we don't have time to moderate comments you have to go through the extra step of sending an email. We appreciate the effort, the feedback and the post ideas.

For newcomers, we started the blog as a place where we could bookmark stories that we thought were important. Pretty homely as far as aspirations go.
That's expanded to included some of our thinking on the torrent of news that flows by, every minute of the day.

The original focus was energy/alt-energy/cleantech but when the sub-prime fiasco started being recognized, we expanded to include our forte, global macro.
Everything is connected.
Take a look around and you'll find a [very -ed] idiosyncratic diary of the last few years. We are fans of the 'search blog' box.

Although it's "on to the new decade" we'll leave you with a couple videos that look back.

First up, Jib-Jab's Year in Review, 2009:
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And next, one of the songs that we played almost daily during the crisis portion of the financial meltdown, September 2008-March 2009.
(followed by the health care version):
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Ramones: "I Wanna be Sedated".

Healthcare meets Punk

[he forgot to say Happy New Year, so I'll do the honors "Best Wishes for 2010!" -ed]