Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Correction, Gawker style

Four from Regret the Error:

gawkerEarlier this week, we called congressman Jason Chaffetz a self-hating weirdo, an asshole, a probable closet case, and the son of Kitty Dukakis. He is not the son of Kitty Dukakis. We regret the error. Link

Editor’s note

An earlier version of this list entry was written by CNBC journalist David Faber and was solicited by without accurately conveying to him the context in which it would appear. As a result, Faber, who was not shown the final edited item, appeared to be complicit in the criticism of a network colleague, which was not his intention. In light of the circumstances, we have removed the piece, we deeply regret its publication and we apologize to Faber and to CNBC for the error in judgment. Link

Not a broker in a Ponzi scheme

nationalpostA story that ran in the National Post yesterday incorrectly suggested that Ehud Telem was a broker in an alleged Ponzi scheme. Mr. Telem was not named or alleged to be a broker in the final report issued by the court-appointed receiver. The Post regrets the error. Link

No apology?

Lucky him

A review of John Cassidy’s book How Markets Fail on 27 November listed the huge salaries and wealth of some of the chief executives of the big Wall Street banks, adding: “All lost their jobs – and fortunes – spectacularly when the crash came.” One of them didn’t: Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, has retained both his job and (most of) his fortune. Our apologies to him. Link