Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stimulus package winners: broadband arms dealers (CSCO)

The first story is from Fortune Tech Daily:
No matter who builds the networks, if broadband is part of the economic stimulus package, big suppliers win....MORE
At our second link, Katie Fehrenbacher points out the potentially huge implications/applications for CSCO's new software.
From earth2tech:
Cisco, the largest maker of Internet infrastructure, could one day be managing the energy consumption of your PC or the building you’re working in. On Tuesday, Cisco plans to launch its “EnergyWise” software, a smart energy upgrade for its switch hardware (infrastructure that routes data on the Internet). But beyond managing the energy consumption of Internet hardware more efficiently, the software will eventually be able to manage the energy of end-user devices like computers and IP phones, as well as automated energy systems in buildings.

Moving to the edge of the network is an unusual move for Cisco, and in particular providing software that can manage third-party devices, as well as lighting and heating and cooling systems in buildings. But that move won’t happen all at once. Cisco is launching the first phase of its software, just for switches, on Tuesday and over the next few months will add in capability to control devices at the edge of the network. Eventually Cisco’s software could help companies manage a system that, say, turns on lights and heating and cooling for an employee when s/he swipes a badge at the office front door....MORE