Thursday, January 22, 2009

Five Questions for Paul Kedrosky

From Content Matters:
Kicking off the "Five questions for..." series on Content Matters is Dr. Paul Kedrosky.

Paul is an investor, writer, and entrepreneur. He is a senior fellow at the Kauffman Foundation, a strategist with Ten Asset Management and the author of the Infectious Greed blog. A frequent analyst on CNBC, Paul was formerly a technology analyst at HSBC James Capel.

Content Matters: What shoes have yet to drop? Which less obvious companies or sectors might be facing troubles in 2009?

Paul Kedrosky: Sovereign defaults. Ecuador doesn't count, as it was largely a recreational default. Now, however, we're onto the biggies, with countries like Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine, and even the U.K., to some extent under immense pressure. While they won't all default, many will require bailouts, and there is a high likelihood that the U.K. ends up adopting the Euro....

...CM: Finally, some predictions. Where do you think the Dow Jones Industrial Average will close on 12/31/2009? What might the unemployment rate be? What will the price be for a barrel of oil?

DJIA: 6700
Oil: $30
Unemployment: 10%...MORE