Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Battery Start-Up Imara Makes Massive Breakthrough: Proves Naming Consultants Work

A delightful green salad, with just a hint of Onion.
From Green Light:

Name consultants generally rank fairly low on the utilitarian/work-is-noble scale. They are more useful than coal scuttlers in the public mind, but way below tree root remover, corn dog coater and people that paint themselves silver and pretend to be statues.

But Imara, the lithium ion battery manufacturer that used to be known as LiON Cells, has unearthed evidence that they actually work. When the company wanted to rename itself, it held a contest. Employees, the public relations firm and others submitted 320 names, said CEO Jeff Depew. A ringer, a branding consultant, also submitted names.

The list was winnowed down to ten. Eight of the ten were from the naming consultant, including the name. Imara is Swahili for power, strength and endurance, three of the qualities the company claims its batteries can provide....MORE