Saturday, January 31, 2009

The New York Times on Google Glitches and Gore

"This site may harm your computer", blah blah blah. I almost didn't read the whole story.
Here's how it ends, from the NYT's The Lede blog:

...The company is not known for glitches. But Saturday’s is not the first in the last 10 days. Recently, Google Maps had a software glitch that advised drivers trying to get to different points within Staten Island, specifically zip codes 10302 and 10308, to take a 176-mile detour to Schenectady. The Staten Island Advance ran a story on the road trip directions headlined “Strudel in Google’s noodle.”

The glitches in Google Maps and Google search were unrelated Mr. Stricker said. As for Saturday’s search engine failure, he added:

“Our web search is extremely reliable and that’s why when an interruption occurs, even if it’s for a matter of minutes — for Saturday morning, people notice it.”

A previous version of this entry included a reference to former Vice President Al Gore, which has now been removed.