Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We Like the Congressional Budget Office and its Director, Peter Orszag

The CBO under Director Orszag is one of the few offices in Washington that gave us straight-up analysis without the spin. Or, as Tyler Cowen put it:

If reports are true and Barack Obama is really going to tap widely respected CBO Director Peter Orszag to head up the Office of Management and Budget (it’s like the CBO, but for the White House, so it makes sense) then I believe that would make him the highest-ranking blogger in the history of the United States of America.

Here is more. Orszag, of course, is a very good economist.

From Common Tragedies:
Rumor has it that blogger (oh — and director of the CBO) Peter Orszag will eventually be named the director of the OMB in the upcoming Obama administration, a cabinet-level position. Congratulations to Peter, who has written expertly on a wide range of topics, including the nuts and bolts of climate change policy (e.g., 1 2 ).