Tuesday, November 25, 2008

23-billion ton ultra large coal field discovered in China's Turfan Basin

I'm betting this coal will will be burned. On the other hand, 'avoided oxidation' might bring China a couple trillion dollars from Western taxpayers/ratepayers for Kyoto credits.
From Peoples Daily:
After efforts by geological exploration teams for over a year, an ultra large coal field with a forecasted 23 billion tons of total reserve was found in the famous Turfan Basin in China.

Reporters learnt from the Department of Land and Resources of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region that, the newly-discovered coal field is located in the Sha'er Lake in Piqan County of Turfan Region in Xinjiang.

The coal mine occupies an area of over 300 square kilometers with a gross minable thickness of 169.69 meters, and a coal bearing ratio of 29%, with the largest coal bed being 141.91 meters thick in a single layer....MORE